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Can AI images be considered Art with a capital A?

In a simple conclusion free of nuance, yes. But limiting art to that only nuance would be the end of it and humanity as we know it because what it lacks would never be able to fulfill the void left by the destruction of other creative mediums.

Starbucks Case Study

starbucks case study branding and marketing strategy

To redirect Starbucks on a good path, come back to the main goal: offer to the customer the unique café experience that drove Starbucks’ past success. Starbucks wants to go back to the previous vision: passion for the business, for the customer & employees.

What Makes A Good Logo.

Man hand drawing logo concepts on a notebook

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or icon that serves as an identifying characteristic of a company’s brand. A logo is used to communicate the company’s identity and help establish the type of business it is in.

The Fundamentals Of Branding Your Business.

branding development, color palette, design, logos, tagline, brand elements, brand guidelines

Branding your business can seem like an overwhelming process. Most people only focus on the tangible aspects such as their logo, brand name, fonts, and color palettes. Yet most people forget to build the whole personality around the brand. Who is your brand as a person, what are their values and purpose in the world? Who are you talking to?

Why You Need A Color Palette For Your Brand.

Use color with purpose for your web design. By understanding how colors can work together, you’ll know what to choose and when. This article will give you some of the best practices for using color palettes effectively, along with some resources and tools to help you along the way.

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