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BeeVibrand SNC is a creative marketing collective focused on strong branding and sustainable growth through strategies to diversify passive and active revenue channels.

We free up your time while increasing your resources for success.

We help turn ideas that you are passionate about, into products and services that people love.

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Helene Decamps BeeVibrand CEO Branding SEO Ads

Helene Anne Decamps

CEO & CO-FOUNDER - Branding, SEO, Ads Expert

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Helene began her education and career in Hospitality, gaining unparalleled experience in some of the World’s Leading Luxury Hotel Brands, while simultaneously earning a Double MBA and establishing herself as a respected Multimedia Creative, Strategic Analyst and Digital Marketer. Currently working as the CEO and Co-Founder for BeeVibrand co., ltd., Helene is widely known for her Branding, SEO, and Digital Ads expertise. While her multi-cultural background has taken her around the world, Helene is proud to call Thailand her home.

Danielle Grace Nabong

DIGITAL MARKETER - Graphic Design, Web Dev & SEO Junior

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Danielle Grace is a Digital Marketer at BeeVibrand and loves helping members of her team plan, optimize, and launch new websites. She has spent a majority of her career in the Hospitality industry, gaining helpful experiences in areas such as public relations, marketing, and graphic design. While digital marketing is her primary function by day, Danielle also enjoys catching up on Netflix’s latest releases and spending time with her rescue pup, Rosie.

Kimberley Housby

DIGITAL MARKETER - Graphic Design, Web Dev & SEO Junior

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Kim is part of the Digital Marketing team at BeeVibrand and enjoys working with the team to help create social media content for our own brand and that of our clients. Kim began her career by starting her own business in the makeup industry, offering make-up services for social events, weddings, and photoshoots. This gained her experience in marketing and customer service. Kim also spent time volunteering for non-profit charitable animal shelters in Thailand. Kim spends most of her free time attending to her children, aka her dogs.


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Our Story Reason for Beeing Origin

The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing

It first started with a little ghost and a golden duck. I used to escape from the world by weaving stories on which I would sometimes take my little sister to help her tune out reality. To teach her to dream rather than worry. Reading served as both my source of energy and my refuge as I would allow the words to conjure up dancing colors and paint scenes inside my head.

Marketing was first about communicating a feeling through stories and images to form awareness and build passionate followings. With the ever-growing competition fuelling the Art of Psychological Warfare for your attention and memory, studying the consumer black box and buying patterns became more important than what had started it all, the storytelling.

With technology evolving at an exponential pace, so has marketing with its now daily algorithm updates across seemingly endless channels, the future getting closer to the science fiction novels I used to fantasize about. As a lover of all new and current technologies, trends, and successful marketing case studies, let me guide your vibrant brand-building journey and transform your budding business into a buzzing success.

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